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Modular, 2023

Modular, 2023

This tapestry was entirely woven by hand on a high-warp loom, in Tours, France, by Elvire Debitus.

It is part of a series of pieces inspired by minimalist geometric patterns reminiscent of the 70s, but also pieces of electronic music from the 90s, which are striking.
Soundtrack: "Modular Mix", by Air (First Symptoms, 1997)

Limited edition of 3 weaves.
Supplied with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed.
High-warp tapestry, 3 threads/cm

Dimensions : total: 82cm x 82cm; textile only: 75cm x 75cm.
Composition : wool weft and cotton warp.
All yarns are manufactured in France by companies with the "Living Heritage Company" label.
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