Tapestry is a skill requiring mastery and a lot of patience. A tapestry of one square meter can sometimes require several months of work. It is a decorative textile work that seduces the eye with its textures, colors and the warmth it brings to an interior.
Unique and rare technique, it requires the hand of man : its rendering cannot be imitated by technological advances. This is what makes it rich and unique.
Combining nostalgic dreams and realism, the tapestries of Elvire Debitus are woven by hand, in Tours, using the vertical weaving technique used for several centuries in Paris and around the world, in the pure tradition of the Manufacture des Gobelins.
All the yarns used, mainly cotton and wool, are carefully chosen from French family businesses certified as "Living Heritage Companies", and which value the quality and traceability of their production as much as possible.
Elvire Debitus was born in Tours in 1990. After a life as a lawyer in environmental law and various professional experiences, she converted to textile crafts in 2017, in Bordeaux. There she founded Ateliers Harper, an artisanal brand where she creates tapestries, accessories and woven jewelry. In 2020, she joined the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris, where she learned the art of French tapestry for 2 years, with highly qualified weavers. She obtained her diploma there and became a weaver.
She sets up her haute-lisse tapestry workshop in Tours in 2022.
Due to the time required to make a tapestry, only a limited number of pieces are woven in the workshop each year. Elvire Debitus also creates commissionned tapestries (more information here).
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