Installation and maintenance

Carefully unpack your tapestry.

Very simple installation : behind the tapestry, whether bare, equipped with a wooden bar or framed, you will find one or more brass triangles to be inserted on your spikes or tacks on the wall, like a classic frame.
If there are several ties (depending on the size of the tapestry), it may be useful to use a tape measure to measure the distance between each tie, and a level, to ensure that your ties will be well straight. A tapestry can weigh up to 2 kg per square meter.
If in doubt, have it installed by a professional.

A tapestry remains an artisanal textile piece : its fabric can be subject to irregularities which do not constitute a defect, and remains sensitive to its environment.
Avoid hanging on a very humid wall or outdoors.
If necessary, the tapestry can be maintained with an adhesive brush. Do not wash, do not vacuum. Have it cleaned by a specialized professional service.