A new tapestry group : Tapestry Française !

A new tapestry group : Tapestry Française !

Tapestry Française is a new space for you to discover the art of contemporary french tapestry !

If you do not know the tapestry but you are curious; if you have a dusty image of it or if you already appreciate this art; if you don't want to miss any of the current French tapestry: you've come to the right place.

Born from the desire to show contemporary french tapestry in its diversity, this platform initiated by two weavers trained at the Manufacture des Gobelins (Olivia Geraud et Elvire Debitus) proposes to present and highlight tapestries, weavers and weavers, as well as the actors who bring this centuries-old art, constantly renewed, to life.

Like the British Tapestry Group or the American Tapestry Alliance, Tapestry Française aims to bring together and federate french weavers in order to make their work known to as many people as possible, on the internet or during exhibitions, to create sharing and exchanges around themes related to tapestry and the art of weaving between professionals and with the public.

Check the instagram account here !

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